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How exactly does a Fun Casino Work?
All guests playing at a Fun Casino are competing for entertainment only, although you may offer prizes if you wish, as no real money exchanges hands at a Fun Casino table.

On arrival at your event or party, and prior to the casino tables opening, each guest is presented with a fake $100 note (or notes*). Guests then exchange these notes for REAL casino chips at any of our tables and play for the allotted period of time (usually 3 hours).

Guests can move freely between tables – just like in a real casino – and at the end of the allocated playing period our croupiers will tally up individual winnings to determine who has won the most chips throughout the evening.

The person (or persons) who have accrued the most chips over the course of the evening is then declared the winner of the casino. It’s that simple.
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Do I need a licence to hold a fun casino?
No licence is required for a fun casino, providing that you do not make a personal gain from any funds raised, if a charity event, and that the sole reason for attending is not to win a prize.

If you are hiring our fun casino for a wedding or party and it is not a fundraiser then it is simply a case of booking and paying for the event hire.

If you are charging people to attend the event, the casino must not be the only "inducement to attend", it must be combined with a dinner, a disco, a social etc. All proceeds taken, after expenses have been deducted, have to go towards your chosen charity or church etc. No monies can be for personal gain. An event will be illegal if you hold it open to the general public, for example by advertising it in the local paper or outside of your venues premises on the pavement.

If a charity fundraiser etc the organiser will sell vouchers for a nominal sum, e.g. £5 for a voucher which would then be exchanged at the table for pretend fun money, usually around £100 fun money value. We never handle any cash and the only payment we receive is for the contracted hire of our tables, equipment and staff which is settled before the event takes place. Any money raised selling the vouchers must go to charity after expenses and NO personal gain is allowed.

The above can be found in more detail by observing the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 under SECTION 15
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How many tables do I need to book for my event?
The number of tables you will need is dependent on several factors such as how many guests you have and what other entertainment is available. Each table can entertain from 7 to 10 guests at any one time. There are some private gatherings where one table is ample. As a general rule a minimum of 2 tables is required to satisfy a gathering of 50 guests. For venues of over 200 hundred guests a combination of six to eight tables maybe needed. We are happy to offer free professional advice when needed.
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How many tables can you provide?
We can provide up to twenty casino tables for your event.
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What are the sizes of the tables and how many guests can be accommodated at any given time?
Table Game Blackjack Roulette Craps Casino Poker 3 Card Poker
(Table Only)
6' x 4' 9' x 5'

6'5” x 3’11”

1.95m x 1.18m
6' x 4' 6' x 4'
No. of players
7 10 8 7 7
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What prizes should I offer to the winner(s)?
Your prizes are only limited by your budget and imagination. Winners at our past events have been presented with bottles of champagne, bottles of wine, boxes of chocolate, gift vouchers and weekends away. You could even ask local businesses to donate prizes if it's for a good cause.
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How long before an event do you arrive and how long does it take you to set up and dismantle the equipment?
We always arrive at least one hour prior to the entertainment being provided. On average it takes 15- 20 minutes to set up or dismantle each table. If you have a large number of tables we would arrive earlier, to enable us to ensure that sufficient time has been allocated for setting up.
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When should I book my fun casino?
It is best to book as early as possible to guarantee your specific dates, but we have managed to do an event with two hours notice.
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When do I have to pay for my tables?
A £100 deposit secures your booking with the balance payable on the day of your event after we have set up your tables.
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What geographical areas does your fun casino cover?
We are based on the Wirral and cover Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales.
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Can you supply personalised fun casino money to play with?
We can personalise fun money (at an additional cost). Pictures of the bride and groom, James Bond theme, business motive etc...
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What do your gaming tables look like?
Browse around our website to see the equipment in action. We do not buy commercial casino images for our website; here you see our staff and our equipment available for hire.
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Can you get tables up stairs?
Yes, all of our tables have been dismantled to allow access to your venue. They are then set up in your chosen location.
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Can guests have a go at being the croupier?
This is fun entertainment; any guest wishing to try their hands at dealing will be encouraged and supported by the croupiers.
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Is there a minimum age limit to play the tables?
Any minors wishing to play are most welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
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Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have over £1 million public liability insurance in place and are fully insured. We can supply proof on request.
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Do I need to know how to play the games?
No. Fun Casino Events see it is our main objective to help every new player to learn the games and to guide those with experience to improved play. Fun Casino Events will happily demonstrate the games, provide learn to play signs and ensure discreet guidance and advice.
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What do I need to supply?
Nothing apart from the venue and the guests and any prizes you wish to give! Fun Casino Events supply the luxury tables which are free standing, delivery and set up along with professional croupiers and fun money.
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If I want to use real money to play at the fun casino, am I able to?
No, this would be illegal.
Only fun money can be exchanged at the tables. Real money can be used to buy FUN money in the case of charity or fundraising purposes but away from the tables.
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