Terms and Conditions

  • Deposits made are non-refundable
  • Should specified dips be unavailable or of unsatisfactory quality we will supply a suitable alternative
  • We require a sturdy, level table with table linen and clear access to a power socket
  • The usual hire time is 2½ hours unless previously arranged
  • We do not accept responsibility for any complaint or damages by the venue or guests due to chocolate contacting clothing or other materials
  • Photographs may be taken of the chocolate fountain being used by guests and may be used for promotions and advertising
  • Full refund will be provided if Sapphire Chocolate Fountains fail to provide services arranged, however, we will not accept responsibility for circumstances out of our control which would prevent the fountain being used, for example power failure, flooding, weather conditions, road traffic accidents etc
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our service at any time during an event if staff experience unruly or unreasonable behaviour from guests. No refund will be provided